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UK Tour 2017
The tour is filling up, with a number of venues and festivals booked! We look forward to seeing our friends and fans again - and having some kebab! See the gig page for details.

On the cover!

Blues in Britain has put Hitman on the cover of their June 2017 issue! And Blues Matters also has an interview!

Mailing List
We've been running a series of ads on Facebook to spread the word about our FREE five song sampler. As a result, we've doubled the size of our mailing list in only a couple of weeks.
We'd like to welcome our new friends, and encourage everyone to reach out to us at any time if you have questions, suggestions, or requests.

UK/France tour: It was incredible. We played on every kind of stage - huge, medium, little, non-existent, indoors, outdoors, you name it. We met some wonderful people, reconnected with old friends and fans, and we're ready to start taking the show around the US. Stay tuned...

Recording news: "The World Moves On" is NOW AVAILABLE! See our store (or your favorite online retailer) to get your copy! Order from our store and we'll have Hitman autograph it for you!

Video: Crazy Carol, a non-blues song/video about the Walking Dead character Carol Peletier, is now live on YouTube. Click here to see it, and please leave a comment on the YouTube page!

Web broadcast: The HBB is providing the theme song for Racetrackers, the definitive program for horse race enthusiasts!

20 Questions: Very nice "20 Questions" interview with Hitman at: Just Listen To This.

The actual site, is really cool. Lots of info on upcoming festivals and gigs in the UK, and for everyone everywhere there are great interviews, new release info, reviews, etc. You might want to bookmark it!

Bookings: We're changing our booking policy. We've been doing a lot of private dates, and very few small clubs. We are planning to focus on more festivals and larger venues, including "packages" with other bands.

We are also accepting "house party" bookings, which will consist of Hitman and one other piece (usually bass). Contact JW Booking (917-622-8643) for details.

Film: Undaunted Films released "Ghostline", a full length feature movie in the suspense/terror genre. "Trouble On The Line" opens the film, and "I'm Coming For You" closes it! Both songs are from our fourth release, "Pale Rider"

RockBand: "Two Minute Warning", from the "Angel In The Shadows" release, is available as an add-on for RockBand. Distributed by Alt-Strum Productions, it's the first of what we hope to be many of our tunes that will be available. Have fun!

Stay tuned...



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