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New Album

As of January 18, 2021, "Not My Circus, Not My Monkey" is DONE! The official release date is March 15, 2021. It will be available from our own website store in both digital download and physical CD form, on CD Baby, and on every streaming platform imaginable!

Coronavirus Blues!

We hope that during this difficult time, you are staying safe and healthy. As live performances have been cancelled, Hitman has done a couple of streaming performances - one of some of his favorite cover songs - funny ones, that aren't well known.  Classics like "Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine", "Bugger Off (you bastards)", and "I'm Hip".  The second was Hitman Blues Band songs, performed for the live series put on by the Rec Rooms in Horsham, UK.

First stream:

FaceBook at
YouTube at

Rec Rooms:

Facebook link:
(first five minutes is just the chair!!)

or YouTube:

Hitman also did an interview on the fabulous Tom Gully show:

Learn Something

Want to learn basic Music Theory?
Have internet access?
And, do you want to learn FOR FREE?

You're in luck. Hitman has released a YouTube seminar called "Music Theory For The Easily Bored"! You can also download the Word version of the seminar for reference:

YouTube link:

Downloadable manual:

Hitman did an online seminar for the Long Island Blues Society about songwriting! It covers how to begin, chord arrangements (basic), melody, and lyric writing.

You can see the edited version (much better, less dead space) on YouTube:


International Tours

Like everything else, our UK tour has been postponed until 2021. We're hoping to get over the pond in July, as well as November.

We are VERY pleased to announce we now have an entry in Wikipedia! We can be found here, under The Hitman Blues Band


Web broadcast:

The HBB is providing the theme song for Racetrackers, the definitive program for horse race enthusiasts!

Our great friend Tom Gulley closes each episode of "The Tom Gulley Show" with "Catch-22"

20 Questions: Very nice "20 Questions" interview with Hitman at: Just Listen To This.

The actual site, is really cool. Lots of info on upcoming festivals and gigs in the UK, and for everyone everywhere there are great interviews, new release info, reviews, etc. You might want to bookmark it!

Our New Facebook Messenger:

Hate getting overwhelmed with emails? Not that we send that many, but they're easy to miss. Now get instant notification of gigs NEAR YOU, contests, events, all in a "no wasted time" easy to use format!

We are also accepting "house party" bookings, which will consist of Hitman and one other piece (usually bass). Contact JW Booking (917-622-8643) for details.

Film: Undaunted Films released "Ghostline", a full length feature movie in the suspense/terror genre. "Trouble On The Line" opens the film, and "I'm Coming For You" closes it! Both songs are from our fourth release, "Pale Rider"

RockBand: "Two Minute Warning", from the "Angel In The Shadows" release, is available as an add-on for RockBand. Distributed by Alt-Strum Productions, it's the first of what we hope to be many of our tunes that will be available. Have fun!




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