Streets Of Downtown

The lost people - they're all around us. Yes, we've got problems - not enough money to pay the bills, lousy job, maybe nobody to love. But come with me and meet your neighbors on the streets of downtown.


Take a look at Tommy
On the empty sidewalk
Picking up bottles for a five cent win
His suit is ragged
His hair is shaggy
You'd never know what a fine man he's been

Now you tell me you got nobody
And you're looking for a sign
Come and take a walk with me
Through the streets of downtown
And I'll show you
Some old friends of mine

Her name is Sandy
But she doesn't know it
She won't answer if you call out loud
She screams with laughter
She cries with anger
Picks up her shopping bags and gets lost in the crowd

There's nameless people
In the heart of downtown
Was somebody's lover, was somebody's child
In the heat of summer
In the cold of winter
You pass right by them
But can you spare a dime?

There sits Leon
By the VA Center
He fought for his country
Left his soul in Vietnam
He thoughts are shaky
His limbs are aching
They don't see the hero
Just another shabby man

©2011 by Russell Alexander, all rights reserved.

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