Sunshine Romeo

Here's where a great producer shows his stuff. I wrote this as an upbeat shuffle, which I didn't like at all. Johnny said "Let's slow it down. Use this feel..." and it went right off. That's what you get when you work with great people.

When it came time for Ray to take the vibe solo, he played some great jazz riffs. Which we had to throw away. It's not the right thing for blues, which prompted Ray to say "I feel like I'm playing with chains around me!" Sounds great to me, tho'.

I'll be your fool, baby
'Cause I love you so
I'll be your fool, baby
'Cause I love you so
You won't be my bad time baby
I'll be your Sunshine Romeo

You know I'll get you
Your hearts desire
I just can't help it baby
You set my soul on fire

I'll be your fool...

Now my intentions
Ain't hard to read
I got the things you want
But you got what I need

I'll be your fool...

First time I seen you
You took my heart away
I got to have you baby
No matter what I've got to pay

I'll be your fool...

©1999 by Russell Alexander, all rights reserved.

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