On The Rebound

I actually wrote this for another singer, but due to chemical interference he never sang it. But it's pretty accurate, and I like it so much I really wanted to put it on this CD. For anybody who's ever been there...


So here we are
At the end of our road
I'd like to smile but I'm
Feeling kind of low
I knew it couldn't last
I caught you way too fast
On the rebound

Well he left you
And he broke your heart
I picked you up
Gave you a brand new start
And it may be wrong
But love don't last too long)
On the rebound

I saw you weeping
And I knew that I had to take my chance
Some love is for keeping
And some is just a quick romance

You don't love me,
That's okay
It just makes it easier
For you to walk away
I'll find somebody new
To help me through
On the rebound

©2003 by Russell Alexander, all rights reserved.

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