I Know About The Blues

You've probably met someone like this:
The self-appointed guardian of the blues, who can't wait to tell
you which group is a REAL blues group, or which song
is a REAL blues song.  And they really know - they've read all the books
on the blues, so they're experts.

Sure they are.


I don't know 'bout nutrition
I eat what I can find
A fancy dish is day old fish
And a bottle of $5 wine
I don't have education
About the things that count
Like how to steal from Peter
When the bills begin to mount
I don't know 'bout division
Except for me and you
But I
I know about the blues

I know about depression
The blues on overdrive
You sleep for 18 hours
Then take a nap for 5
I don't say what I'm thinkin'
'Cause that would start a row
I clench my teeth together
And hold my temper down
I look out at the highway
And wonder what to do
But I
I know about the blues

I know how the sun can shine so bright
But in my heart it's as black as night
The joy of laughter is all around
But 'till she's back there's not a sound

I don't say "I done seen her"
I don't say "Lawdy Lord"
I don't say "Got me some good thangs"
Never slept in a hollow log
But I come from New York City
Where the streets are smoke and steam
Where the homeless sleep in subways
And above the limos gleam
And I've seen my share of trouble
And I've paid my share of dues
I know
I know about the blues

You've seen your share of troubles
And you've paid your share of dues
And you know, you know about the blues

We've all seen our share of troubles
And we've paid our share of dues
And we know, we know about the blues

©2006 by Russell Alexander, all rights reserved.

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