Everybody But Me

I wrote this as a jazz song in 1998, with lush strings (and a more explicit title). After doing it as a trio, I was encouraged to make a blues version for this album. I think everybody has felt like this at some point in their lives, so here's the good news - it won't stay that way.


I see it in their faces
The smiles when they come in
They don't have to tell me
I know where they've been
It's not a secret
In fact it's plain to see
I can't find the reason
Everybody's getting some but me

The old man on the corner
The young man in the rain
The bagboy at the grocers’
Who does nothing but complain
They've all been seeing action
I'm lonely as can be
What is their strange attraction
Everybody's getting some but me

Spring is full of love I hear
But it's a mystery
Wrapped in chains and leather
Does she wait somewhere for me?

The girls I know all tell me
I'm really quite a guy
And if they weren't married
They might give me a try
I’m feeling so abandoned
It's almost by decree
My hand is no companion
Everybody's getting some but me
Everybody's getting some but me


©1998 Russell Alexander/All Rights Reserved

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