Catch-22 Blues

It just keeps coming up. He's got this, but he wants that. She did this, but wants to do the other. I'm happy just to play the blues, but a car that's less than half my age would be nice, too.

Fun tune to record, and I got to hear my dad, Ray Alexander, stretch out a little bit. Johnny sounds like he's playing an upright bass on this, but it's actually a Fender.

Well a bug can't lift a twig, for a dog it's nothing big
But he don't want to
And the dog can't grab a cat, a racoon can do all that
But he don't want to
And I dream of you at night, while you hold your baby tight
But he don't want you

You can see it in his eyes, from the way he tells you lies
That he don't want you
He stays at work too long, and you beg him to come home
But he don't want to
Girl I'd be so good for you, I know you could love me too
But you don't want to

I got a black book full of numbers, of girls I'll never call
They only make me think of you, you don't think of me at all

A pig can't eat a cow, that old bear could show him how
But he don't want to
Now that bear can't reach the bees, an eagle can with ease
But he don't want to
Baby it's a shame, your man calls someone else's name
But girl I want you

He doesn't love her, but she doesn't care
I'm in the middle with my heart up in the air
It's true, it's like the old catch-22
'Cause love is taking numbers
But the order's gone askew

©1999 by Russell Alexander, all rights reserved.

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