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Wait, are you looking for free music? Wrong place. Go to the Listening Room where you can
hear samples of tunes from Blooztown, Angel In The Shadows,
Live At Stonybrook, Pale Rider, Blues Enough, and The World Moves On

For the nice people who have bought songs
(or even the whole CD)

from I-Tunes, Rhapsody, MusicMatch, Amazon, or any of the other 40
places our music is available, we've put up the CD covers so you can print out the
authentic jacket for your home-burned CD.

Right click and choose
"save target as":

Blooztown in jpeg format (1.5 megs)

Angel In The Shadows in jpeg format (2 megs)

Live At Stonybrook in jpeg format (2.1 megs)

Pale Rider in jpeg format (as a zip file) (4.1 megs)

Blues Enough in PDF format (as a zip file) - note that this was digipack,
a different size from a standard hard shell CD case. (25 megs)

The World Moves On in PDF format (as a zip file) (240 megs!)


If you need some other graphic format, contact us and we'll send it to you.


Downloadable version of all our lyrics!


More downloads to come!

Note: if you've downloaded a pirated copy of our music,
please consider buying a legitimate copy.
This helps fund new releases. so we can keep the music coming!

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