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Russell "Hitman" Alexander
Mike Porter
Kevin Rymer
Guy LaFountaine

Mike Snyder
Eric Altarac
Alan Alpert
Neil Alexander
Victoria Anyah
Joanne Alexander

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Hitman - Guitar, Vocals, composer & lyricist

Having over 40 years experience as a professional musician/bandleader, songwriter, publisher, and record company owner, Russell "Hitman" Alexander has seen many sides of the business. He has performed worldwide, first playing with “society" orchestras (Lester Lanin, Peter Duchin, Roger Stanley, and many others), with the progressive rock act “Childhood’s End”, the new wave band “Candy”, and now with his own group, The Hitman Blues Band.

As the son of famed jazz vibist Ray Alexander, he was exposed to music from childhood on. Early memories include his father’s jam sessions with luminaries such as Tal Farlow, Major Holley, Oliver Jackson, and many others, as well as attending many live performances. It was always his goal to be a professional musician, but he also began songwriting in his early teens.

Now, with the experience of thousands of performances to draw on, he’s constantly looking for ways to both give his audience a great show, and share his enthusiasm for the songs.

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Guy LaFountaine
Mike Porter - Bass Guitar
Kevin Rymer - Organ and Synth
Guy LaFountaine - Drums

Mike Porter has played in numerous groups, ranging from Greatful Dead tributes bands to esoteric funk.

Aside from his impressive abilities on bass, he also handles vocals and, when needed, acoustic guitar.

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Kevin has been performing for over 25 years, and is one of the earliest players to take full advantage of the electronic revolution that brought in synthesis.

During that time, he still remained deeply involved in the traditional Hammond sound, playing on B-2 and B-3 organs in clubs and concerts all along the east coast.

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Guy LaFountaine has been playing drums since the age of 10. Starting with his school marching band, he played at venues such as Yankees stadium, Giant Stadium, and Shea Stadium,. He even performed during the famous Macy's Thanksgiving parade. His playing style is strongly influenced by lessons taken with Bobby Rondinelli (Blue Öyster Cult, Rainbow, Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath)

Guy’s musical interest spanned multiple genres over the years and he has played with bands covering hard rock, classic rock, heavy metal, grunge/alternative rock, and various tribute bands that covered AC/DC and Priest. He even crossed over the country, and is the first call drummer for the Joe Bayer Band. While attending clinics in Memphis to perfect various shuffles and swing beats he discovered the love of blues, and is now drumming with The Hitman Blues Band.


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Michael Snyder
Eric Altarac
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performers coming soon.
Mike Snyder - Piano, Clarinet
Eric Altarac - Trumpet

Michael Snyder is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. He is often hired to play sax (from Bari to Soprano), keyboards, or clarinet. He arranges, sings - and has a repertoire of literally hundreds of tunes, from Bach to the latest Top 40 and everything in between, including many international songs. He is an amazing musician to work with, and Hitman is fortunate to have worked with him for a number of years in numerous live groups.


Eric started playing trumpet at age 7 and studied under Murry Karpolovsky (lead trumpet for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and principal trumpet for the NYC Ballet Co.) for many years. He earned an Associate’s Degree in the Performing Arts from Nassau Community College. Eric is currently studying under Jerome Callet .
He played with the “Brass Tax” band, who was under contracts with Steven Scott Orchestras and Emery Davis Orchestra, doing many club dates in the New York area for several years.
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